Why Use A Retainer After Brace Removal?

The appointment has been made and you’ve been waiting anxiously for this day. Your braces are finally coming off! This is a big moment and reason to smile! After your braces are removed and your teeth have been cleaned, you can expect to be fitted for a retainer. Wearing a retainer will keep your teeth in their intended position. It’s essential to listen to your provider and follow their instructions carefully to avoid needing to go through the braces process all over again. 

Some retainers are fixed, meaning your orthodontist bonds metal or fiberglass wire behind your teeth. Removable retainers require a mold that may have been fitted before or after the day your braces are removed. It is recommended that removable retainers be worn full-time for at least six months after brace removal. Your provider will discuss what time frame will work best for you. Typically after a retainer is worn full-time and no shifting or movement is detected, you should be able to transition to wearing your retainer overnight only. 

Below are some tips and considerations when it comes to retainers:

  • Retainers prevent shifting and movement of your teeth 

  • Maintain a regular oral care regimen to prevent bacteria build-up

  • Brush teeth at least twice a day, and floss to clean areas between teeth and gum-lines

  • Schedule regular hygiene appointments (twice per year) with your provider  

  • Keep your retainer in a protective case 

  • Avoid storing your retainer in heat

  • Keep your retainer away from pets 

  • Avoid dropping your retainer in a pocket or purse

  • Never wrap your retainer in a napkin where it can easily be thrown away

  • Bring your retainer with you to appointments

Keeping your newly straight smile is in your hands. Follow your provider’s guidelines to take the best care of your retainer and avoid future complications. At Tri-Cities Orthodontic Specialists, we have two orthodontists serving three convenient locations in the Tri-Cities. Schedule your free consultation today to meet Dr. Jewett in Johnson City, TN or Dr. Wood in Kingsport, TN and Bristol, VA. We strive to make our patient experience as pleasant as possible with every visit! We want to ensure that our patients are excited about their progress and treatment outcomes. Visit us online today or call (276)642-0043 to schedule an appointment. 



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